Best practices

See how you can get the best out of Tability

Pick the right structure for your workspace

Read Recommended structure for your workspace to see a simple model to organise goals and OKRs in your workspace.

Limit the number of goals per plan

Focus starts by saying no to things. We recommend 3-4 objectives per plan, and 3-4 outcomes/key results per objective.

The more items you track, the harder it'll be to know what really matters.

Use real targets

Tability allows you to add your exact metrics to simplify the check-in experience.

By default, every outcome is set to go from 0 to 100%. But you'll be able to set the target to "60 NPS" if your goal is to increase NPS from 0 to 60.

Share ownership

Sharing ownership of the goals in Tability will help you build an empowered team. It's a simple way to create a natural accountability, but also to keep people more engaged with the strategy.

This will also allow each individual to write better check-ins as they won't need to rush through 10 or 15 updates every week.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that users should not have more than 7 KRs to update per week.

Commit to weekly check-ins

Tability is a bit like a hybrid habit tracker/focus coach. We can't force you to do weekly check-ins, but we highly recommend it to have optimal results.

Not because we want to be annoying, no. But because fast feedback cycles on strategy will greatly improve your ability to execute:

  • The team will always keep the top priorities in mind.

  • You will get a true sense of progress.

  • You will be able to rapidly adjust the roadmap before it's too late.

Weekly check-ins are at the core of Tability, and it's one of the key differentiator for a successful implementation.

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