Custom Dashboards

Use widgets to create tailored dashboards for your needs

What are Custom Dashboards?

Custom Dashboards allow you to create unique views that combine information from different sources using widgets.

For instance, you can create a dashboard that contains:

  • A summary of the top-level company OKRs

  • Profile widgets for your collaborators

  • A list of all the key results that are currently off-track or at-risk

Custom Dashboards are currently in beta.

Custom Dashboards are available on Premium subscriptions only.

How to create a new dashboard

Follow these steps to create a new dashboard:

  1. Click on the Dashboards icon in your sidebar

  2. Click on the Create dashboard button

  3. Give a name to your dashboard and hit Create

Dashboard content and privacy

  • All dashboards are accessible by the members of a workspace.

  • Visibility restrictions are applied – users will only see the content that they are allowed to see

How to add widgets to your dashboard

After creating your dashboard, you will be redirect to the edit mode of your dashboard. From there you will be able to add widgets by clicking on the Add Widget button.

Once widgets are added, you can resize them and move them around your dashboard.

Finally hit Save to go back to the view mode of your dashboard.

Sending feedback to Tability during the beta

The Custom Dashboards are currently in beta and we already have many improvements planned:

  • More widgets, including charts and graph

  • Favourites management

  • Shortcuts in your inbox

  • Visibility restrictions

If you have any request or suggestion, please use the in-app chat widget, or send us a note at


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