Adding goals to Tability

Create your plan, add your goals, and set up your metrics


Plans in Tability are containers for your goals. A plan will contain 3 main concepts:

  • A plan can have multiple objectives – think of them as grouping themes. What are you trying to accomplish?

  • An objective can have multiple outcomes (or key results)– outcomes can have metrics and owners responsible for updating progress. How will we measure success?

  • An outcome can have multiple initiatives (or tasks)– they help you capture the work you need to do to achieve your outcomes. What work are we doing to achieve our outcomes?

Creating a plan

In Tability, you'll create plans to house your OKRs. Plans can be for team-wide, department-wide, or company-wide goals. When creating a plan, you can write your goals yourself, or have AI help you generate ideas.

When creating a plan, you'll need 4 things:

  • Goals (like OKRs) that you're looking to track

  • Teammates to be key result owners. Owners will be asked to update their key result progress every week through Check-ins.

  • Specific metrics. Key results or outcomes should be measurable in order to say whether or not you've achieved your Objective. Changing the metric in your plan from the default (0-100%)

You can create a plan before inviting your team, but please note that whoever creates the plan will be the default KR owner. Once you've invited your team members, you can edit your plan by clicking on the Edit content button at the top of the plan dashboard:

What happens next?

Now that you have a plan published, Tability will start sending check-ins reminders to KR owners to help everyone stay on track.

But, you don't have to wait! You can click on any key result to open its panel and start updating progress.

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