Coaching AI

Generate advice and fast analysis based on your progress

Tability has a unique coaching AI that can analyse your progress and give you advice to help you reach your goals faster. Using our OpenAI integration to generate analysis to your Outcomes, these responses use real data from your outcome and past check-ins to give you a quick analysis.

How to use the Tabby Coach AI

It only takes a few seconds to create a response. You don't even need to give it a prompt, it sources all the data manually.

  1. Go to the Coaching tab in the bottom right side of your outcome panel.

  2. Click on Generate. Tability will use the metadata of your outcome and the check-ins data to assess your progress.

It will then give you a short summary of its analysis, and a series of possible action items to improve.

For more info on usage and how OpenAI handles your data, visit our OpenAI integration page.

How to disable the Coaching AI

Visit the privacy settings of your workspace to disable the Tabby Coach AI. See the OpenAI page for more info.

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