Presentation Mode

Run your OKR reviews in style

What is the Presentation mode?

Presentation mode is a more visual and easily digestible version of your plan. Rather than putting all of your data into a presentation deck to share, you can get a beautiful presentation in one click. It's great for meetings, in person or video, to present and review your OKR progress with a team.

This will take you to the Presentation mode where you'll get the entire plan broken up into several pages.

The first page is an overview of the whole plan. It includes:

  • General stats for the whole plan: Progress, Net Cofidence Score, tasks completed and time remaining.

  • Each Outcome in the plan and latest check-in data for each.

Each of the outcomes will also each have their own page which you can navigate to via the navigation on the left side.

How to access the Presentation mode

To access the presentation mode, go to your plan and click on the Presentation icon (looks like a triangle in a rectangle) in the top right corner of your plan, next to the share button:

To exit back to your plan's normal view, click on the X icon in the top right.

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