Finding your goals in Tability

Find your goals and other relevant info

It's easy to find all of your goals in Tability without having to navigate to multiple pages. Using the Your focus section allows you to see all of the outcomes and tasks assigned to you, as well as any standups or check-ins that need to be completed.

To find the outcomes or key results that are relevant to you, just click on Your focus (or the inbox icon) on the left side.

Focus view in Tability

In the top left, under your name and profile image, you'll see My outcomes or My key results. This section will show anything assigned to you that has a check-in due.

These are the key results that you have been assigned to. You can switch between the goals that you are the owner of (the person responsible for updating progress) or the contributor to (a person who is working towards completing the goal, but doesn't fully own the result):

Toggle between owned and contributed Key Results

You can find any tasks or initiatives that you're assigned to (across any key result in any plan) underneath your key results in your Tasks section. You can update the status, due date, or mark tasks as completed from here.

Finally, on the right side of Your focus, we'll give you a quick overview of the progress you've made on your goals, including the Net Confidence Score-- your overall feeling across all of your key results-- as well as the total progress you've made on your key results and your remaining and completed tasks:

Overview of progress

If you want to see more about your company, check out each section on the left:

  • Plans: all of the plans (where OKRs are kept for each team or organization)

  • Insights: The progress that has been made on the plans across the organization

  • Strategy Map: How each plan is related. You'll see how different key results support on another

  • Filters: Narrow down the key results you're looking at based on certain criteria like confidence or owner

  • People: See everyone that's using Tability in your organization

  • Teams: See the teams of people that have been created so you know who is working on what

  • Standups: Fill out your plan for the day or see what your teammates have planned

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