Customise terms

Update the terms your team uses to talk about goals and tasks

Customising terms

By default Tability uses the terms objectives, outcomes, and initiatives with the following structure:

  • A plan can have many objectives.

  • An objective can have many measurable outcomes (this is where you set the targets).

  • An outcome can have many initiatives.

You can change the terms used by going to the Customise Terms admin section in your workspace settings.

You'll need to be an admin or an owner of the workspace to customise the terms.

  1. Go to the Customise Terms admin section.

  2. Set new singular and plural terms for the items that you want to change.

  3. Click Save.

Customising the terms for OKRs

  • Leave Objective as is.

  • Replace Outcome with Key Result/Key Results.

  • Leave Initiative as is.

If you selected to use "OKRs" during the set up, your terms would have already been set to Objectives, Key Results, and Tasks

Customising the terms for NCTs

  • Replace Objective with Narrative/Narratives.

  • Replace Outcome with Commitment/Commitments.

  • Replace Initiative with Task/Tasks.

Customising Initiatives Labels

Tability has 9 default states for Initiative Labels: Backlog, Planned, Spec/Design, In Progress, In Review, Ready, Blocked, Done and Abandoned. You can change these settings in the customise terms section of your workspace settings.

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