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What are Standups?

While Check-ins are a great way to reflect on your work on a weekly basis, Standups gives you and your team to update eachother more frequently on what you're working on. Standups gives you a way to check in every day with your team about topics that are top of mind without having to do an in-person or video meeting. They can be filled out in just a few minutes and are a great way to update your entire team on what you're working on and flagging any challenges you might be having.

A typical Standup format:

  • What did you do yesterday?: An overview of the tasks and events from the day before.

  • What are you doing today?: An overview of what you're trying to accomplish, and what's on the agenda for today.

  • Blockers: Listing out any blockers you may have or things you are waiting on. This is a great place to use an @ mention to flag any needs from other team members, without being too disruptive.

Available on Plus and Premium subscriptions

Using the Standups Dashboard

The Standups dashboard is the home to all the Standups from across your workspace. You can navigate to Standups dashboard by clicking the Standups button in the left-side navigation.

In the Standups dashboard you can:

  • Post a new standup

  • See all your previous standups (newest to oldest)

  • View all standups, ordered by publish date (newest to oldest)

  • View standups from teams or people that you follow

Creating a Standup

To create a Standup:

  1. Go to your Standups dashboard. You can access this through the Standups button in the left-side navigation, or the Standup Status section on your Focus page.

  2. In the top left corner, find your profile image and a field to start typing.

  3. Write your standup in the rich text field and click Save to publish. You can edit your Standups later if you'd like.

Set up Standup Reminders

If you want to get reminders, you can set up personal Standup notifications to help you remember to do your standups.

To set up standup reminders:

  • Click on your profile image in the top right of any page to open your Account Settings

  • Click on Manage your Standups

  • Under Standup Settings you can change:

    • Standup Frequency: How often would you like to get reminders to update your Standup?

    • Standup Day/Hour: What day (weekly only) and time do you want to receive reminders?

  • Click Save to confirm changes and start receiving reminders in your inbox

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