Workspace Insights

Drive engagement and improve your strategy with workspace insights


The Workspace Insights dashboard will help you track engagement metrics and surface general issues in your workspace.

There are 3 main sections:

  • Workspace overview: General stats about the plans, outcomes, and initiatives in progress

  • Recent activity: Usage statistics across your workspace

  • Detailed overviews for plans, outcomes, and initiatives: Detailed breakdowns of data that includes links to filtered views

Available on Plus and Premium subscriptions

How to access Workspace Insights

You need to have a Premium subscription to have access to Workspace Insights.

Then, click on Insights in your workspace sidebar to go to the Workspace Insights dashboard.

Understanding the different section

Workspace overview

The workspace overview will display metrics and statistics about the plans that are currently in progress. It's a simple way to get a quick snapshot of progress.

Recent activity

Recent activity charts will help you understand how engaged your team is with Tability. It aggregates data from the past 24 weeks to show you:

  • The number of check-ins created

  • The number of times users have viewed outcomes/key results

  • How often initiatives have been updated

Plans, outcomes, and initiatives overviews

There are 3 different overview listings available. Each listing breaks down the active items in a set of sections that will help you answer key questions at a glance.

For instance:

  • "How many plans don't have a check-in yet?"

  • "How many plans have too many goals?"

  • "How many key results are off-track?"

  • "How many key results aren't measurable?"

  • "How many initiatives are overdue?"

  • etc...

You can then click on any line to be redirected to a view that will list all the corresponding items.

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