Integrate with Zapier to get automated check-ins in Tability

Automate check-ins with Zapier

You can use Zapier integrations to automate check-ins for specific outcomes. You will need to have a Zapier account and be an admin in Tability to be able to use this integration.

How to create a check-in with Zapier?

  1. Head to Tability on Zapier Marketplace.

  2. Search or pick an app to pair with Tability

  3. Select a trigger. Start by selecting a trigger in Zapier. In this example we're using Card Moved to List in Trello

  4. Add the Create Check-In in Tability action. In Zapier, find the Tability app, and then pick the Create Check-In in Tability action.

  5. Click continue and connect your Tability account to Zapier. You will need to provide your personal API token. You can find this token at This token will attach all check-ins created from Zapier to your personal account in Tability. Once connected, your screen should look like the screenshot below:

  6. Copy your remote check-ins token from Tability. Open up your Tability workspace, and go to the outcome that you want to update via Zapier. Open up the remote check-ins settings panel from the outcome menu.

  7. Enable remote check-ins for that outcome, and copy the token value.

  8. Set up the Zapier action. Go back to Zapier to fill in the action form. We will explain each of the values below.

    • Remote check-ins token: Copy the value of the token that you got from Tability. The token is how Tability knows which outcome to attach the check-ins to.

    • Score: The score is to calculate the progress value for the check-in. In our example, we want to increase the number of cards closed by one every time a Trello card is closed. So, we set the value to 1.

    • Score type: There are 2 options for the score type.

      • Update: the score will become the progress value for the check-in.

      • Increment: the score is added to the progress value of the previous check-in.

      In this example, we want to increase the score by 1 each time, so we selected increment.

    • Confidence (optional): Pick the red/yellow/green status for your check-in, or leave it blank to let Tability calculate the confidence based on progress.

    • Checkin date (optional):Select a custom check-in date if needed.

  9. Enable your integration. Once you're done with the configuration you can test your action in Zapier. You should get a simple confirmation message, and see a new check-in on your outcome graph in Tability.

  10. Now you can turn your Zap on, and check-ins will be automatically created based on the rules.

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