Automate check-ins

Save time by pulling data from your tools using API, Zapier and more


A simple way to save time during the check-ins process is to use our integrations to automatically pull data from your tools.

Available on Plus and Premium subscriptions

Use the check-ins API

If you're feeling like coding a bit, you can use the check-ins API to send data to our outcome/key results remotely via script.

Read our documentation to learn how to use the check-ins API.

Automate check-ins with Zapier

Zapier allows your to connect Tability to 1,000+ apps.

SeeZapier for a tutorial on how to set up the integration

Automate check-ins with data connectors

Tability can connect to your tools and automatically pull data to use in your check-ins.

For instance you can:

  • Automatically track the number of emails logged in Hubspot

  • Track the number of Jira tickets closed

  • Extract the value from one of your spreadsheets

See Data sources to learn how to connect a goal to an external data source. Then read Auto-sync for data sources to see how you can enable auto-sync.

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