A simple way to reflect on your progress and share thoughts with your team


Retrospectives allow you to create shareable documents where you can grade your objectives as well as add thoughts around your current progress.

You can use retrospectives to capture monthly reflections around your goals, and then share them with your team.

Available on Plus and Premium subscriptions

Creating a new retrospective

Follow these steps to create a new retrospective:

  1. Go to a Tability plan

  2. Click on the Retrospectives tab

  3. Click on Create new

  4. Give a name to your retrospective

  5. Click Save

You will be redirected to the edit view of your new retrospective.

Once you're in the editor, you can click on any section of your retrospective to edit it.

Retrospective components

A retrospective can be composed of several components.

Text section

A text section is a rich text component that allows you to add formatted text and images.

Objective section

You can drag objectives into your editor to add an objective section to your retrospective.

You can click on the objective to update its status, progress score, and analysis.

Publishing a retrospective

A new retrospective will have a draft status. You'll need to publish your retrospective to activate the sharing features.

Sharing a retrospective

There are 2 ways that you can share a retrospective.

Download as a PDF

You can download a PDF version of your retrospective, and share it with your team.

Once you enable public sharing for your retrospective, you will be able to copy a unique link that you can send to people that are not members of your workspace.

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