Track progress with check-ins

Discover best practices for your check-ins

What is a check-in?

Check-ins are the way that you and your team will keep your key results up to date in Tability. By answering three simple questions, you'll be able to track progress, uncover issues, ask for assistance, and celebrate victories. Each week (or more, depending on the plan settings), you'll be asked for:

  • The updated metric for your key result

  • How confident you are on achieving the key result

  • Details about why you're confident or not confident.

Tability will track your check-ins over time, creating a graph that displays how the metric has changed, how confidence has changed, and highlighting any discussions had in the platfom.

Why check-ins?

Setting good goals at the beginning of the quarter is only half the work. Without a good strategy to track progress, you'll see focus drifting away from what matters the most.

Tability has a built-in reminders system that will take care of nudging outcomes/key results owners when updates are due.

Regular check-ins will:

  • Improve accountability

  • Increase transparency

  • Drive alignment between teams

  • Accelerate execution

Finding your pending check-ins

All of the key results that are assigned to you will appear in your My focus page. The key results that need to be updated with a check-in will have a red dot appearing on them:

How to create a check-in

  1. Click on an outcome/key result

  2. In the detail panel, click on the Create check-in button

  3. Fill in the form and click Create to save your check-in

Best practices

Tability will display a progress chart to show you how your progress is going. Use this chart to estimate your future progress and adjust your confidence accordingly.

Write meaningful updates

Don't just write your progress number. Your check-ins should help your team answer these 5 questions:

  • Progress: where are we today?

  • Expectation: is this where we're supposed to be?

  • Trends: are we getting better or worse?

  • Root cause: what do we think happened?

  • Action: should we do things differently?

Some answers will be covered by the progress chart, but it's still important to provide context – this is the easiest way to get help.

Not more than 2 yellow statuses in a row

Your check-ins will have confidence status attached to them:

  • Green = on track

  • Yellow = at risk

  • Red = off track

Make it a rule that you can't have more than 2 yellows in a row. The 3rd check-in needs to be either green or red.

Adopting this rule will help everyone confront risks earlier instead of hedging their opinions for too long.

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