Auto-sync for data sources

Automatic sync progress every 48h


Tability can automatically record progress data on your behalf by using data connectors.

How to enable auto-sync for your outcomes/key results

Available on Premium subscription

  1. Add a data source to your outcome (see Data sources)

  2. Toggle the option under Enable auto-sync

That's it! Tability will automatically record progress every 48h while the plan is active.

Manual vs. automated check-ins

Tability will still send check-in reminders if auto-sync is enabled. This is to make sure that someone will periodically take a look at progress and set the confidence accordingly.

You can distinguish automated and manual check-ins by the size of the dot, and the avatar associated:

  • Manual check-ins have a large dot on the graph

  • Automated check-ins have smaller dots, and use Tabby as an avatar

The confidence is also automatically adjusted based on how far the current value is from the expected state.

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