Use Hubspot as a datasource for your Tability key results


You can connect Tability to Hubspot to automatically pull metrics from Hubspot without having to switch context.

Once you add Hubspot as a data source for an outcome/Key Result, Tability can:

  • Automatically pull the most recent value of the metric when you open the check-in form.

  • Perform a daily sync of the metric while the plan is active (Premium subscription only).

Available on Plus and Premium subscriptions


  • You need to be a Tability admin or owner to connect Tability to Hubspot

  • You will also need to be a Hubspot admin to complete the setup.

How to connect Tability to Hubspot

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Integrations

  2. Click on the button Connect to Hubspot

  3. Follow the steps to connect your Hubspot workspace to Tability

Using the Hubspot integration

Once Hubspot is connected, you will be able to use it as a data source for your outcomes/KRs.

Step 1. Open up your edit panel of your outcome/KR

Click on "Edit" to open up the Edit panel of any outcome/KR in your workspace.

Step 2. Select Hubspot as a data source

Go to the "Data source" tab and select Hubspot.

Step 3. Pick the metric that you would like to connect

Use the dropdown to select the metric that you want to connect to your outcome/KR.

Step 4. Save your connection

Click on "Save & preview" to complete the connection.

Tability will retrieve the current value for that metric and your screen should look like this 👇

Step 5. Enable daily sync

Available only on Premium subscriptions

You can now toggle the option to Enable daily sync of your metric if you're on a Premium subscription.

Tability will retrieve the value of your metric from Hubspot once a day, and will create a check-in on behalf of the owner of the outcome/KR.

The first data sync should happen within 1h of enabling this option.

How to use the data source in your check-ins

It's all automatic! Once an outcome/KR is connected to a data source, Tability will automatically pull the current value whenever you open up the check-in modal.

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