Sync Tability initiatives with your Jira tickets


You can connect your Tability workspace to a Jira instance to:

  • Attach Jira issues to outcomes/key results in Tability

  • See the outcomes/key results related to a specific issue in Jira

  • Use Jira as a data source

How to connect Tability to Jira

Installing the Tability app in Jira

  1. Find the Tability app in Atlassian's Marketplace

  2. Install the Tability app on your Jira instance

  3. Configure the integration

Configuring the Tability app in Jira

After installing the app in Jira, click on the Configure button to connect your instance to your Tability workspace. You will need 2 things to configure your workspace:

  • Workspace ID: the ID of your workspace, used in your workspace URL.

  • Workspace auth token: the secret auth token of your workspace

You can find your workspace ID and workspace auth token by going to your Workspace Settings page in Tability.

Using the Jira integration

How to sync Jira issues in Tability

  1. Click on an issue

  2. Copy the issue link

  3. Open Tability to add an initiative/task

  4. Paste the issue link in the input field

Tability will keep the Jira status in sync, and you'll be able to see an up-to-date state of the work in Jira without having to leave Tability.

First, you need to complete the steps in How to sync Jira issues in Tability to connect your Jira issues to outcomes/key results.

Then, within Jira, all the goals related to a specific issue will be listed under the "Linked goals" section.

How to use Jira as a data source

You can use Jira as a data source to automatically pull the number of Jira issues corresponding to a specific JQL request.

Step 1. Open up the edit panel of your outcome/KR

Click on "Edit" to open up the Edit panel of any outcome/KR in your workspace.

Step 2. Select Jira as a data source

Go to the "Data source" tab and select Jira.

Step 3. Add your JQL

Add your JQL query in the input field, then click on Save & preview to complete the connection.

Tability will retrieve the current value for that metric and your screen should look like this 👇

You can now toggle the option to Enable auto-sync of your metric if you're on a Premium subscription.

Tability will retrieve the value of your metric from Jira every 48h and will create a check-in on behalf of the owner of the outcome/KR.

The first data sync should happen within 1h of enabling this option.

How to use the data source in your check-ins

It's all automatic! Once an outcome/KR is connected to a data source, Tability will automatically pull the current value whenever you open up the check-in modal.

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