Sharing your goals with Stakeholders

Your goals donโ€™t exist in a vacuum, with outside influences helping or delaying your progress towards success. This also means that your goals should be available for stakeholders who might not be working with them day-to-day, but still benefit from getting an overview of the progress that has been made. Tability makes it easy to share progress with these stakeholders, and we also know that some of them may want more information than others. Weโ€™ll look at how to share your goals, depending on how close to your goals your stakeholders want to be.

I want to see the goals, but donโ€™t want to learn a new system.

There are likely going to be individuals that would like to keep tabs on your progress, but wonโ€™t want to have access to your entire Tability workspace. Whether they donโ€™t need that depth of information or they donโ€™t want to pick up a new system, they wonโ€™t be logging in to get updates on your goals. For this, you can use our sharable presentation mode.

To create a sharable presentation click on the Share button on the Plan dashboard.

Here, you can enable the public version of your presentation.

Your presentation is only visible to those with the URL. It won't be indexed or shared elsewhere

If you want to, you can add a password to protect your presentation for additional security.

From this page, youโ€™ll also have the option to embed the presentation where your team already works. So if youโ€™d like to include it in a notion or confluence page, you can quickly get the embed URL from those sections. You can also embed the presentation anywhere you can embed an iframe from the Embed URL section.

Presentations will stay up to date as your team makes changes to your goals, so donโ€™t worry about re-generating the link.

Those accessing your presentation will see the most recent check-in along with the current metric progress and confidence. Clicking into an outcome will show the progress chart for that outcomes as well.

Only the most recent check-in will be available for viewing in the sharable presentation

I want to see all of the historical goal data, including reports

For those that want or need a more in-depth look at your teams goals, including using the filters, reports, and dashboards in Tability, they can be added into your workspace as a read-only user.

Read-only users are only available on a Premium Tability subscription

To add users as read-only, you can invite them similarly to inviting other users. From your People tab, click Invite your team:

From here, youโ€™ll have the option to invite users either as paid users with full user permissions, or read-only users:

Read-only users will be able to leave comments on key results in addition to viewing your details, so this is a great way for team members not assigned to goals to be able to participate by asking questions or leaving tips on how to move a goal forward.

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