Plan Score

A simple way to know you're creating good measurable SMART goals

The Plan Score rates your current plan based on some general rules and best practices on OKRs and goal-setting. You can find your Plan Score inside your Plan Editor, on the right hand side of the screen.

What does the Plan Score do?

The Plan Score simply tells you whether or not your goals are written well or are measurable. It uses basic principles like SMART Goals. The Plan Score will automatically look at your plan as you're writing and score you on 5 main metrics:

  • Focus: This score is based on an outcome to ownership ratio. We recommend you have no more than 3-4 outcomes per owner to maintain a better sense of focus.

  • Descriptive: Will your teammates know what this outcome is about?

  • Measurable: Checks to see if your goals have measurable outcomes with specific values.

  • Ownership: Share ownership with teammates to get a sense of accountability.

  • Actionable: Looks at your tasks and makes sure there are actionable steps to impacting your outcomes.


Below your Plan Score, you will see a set of tips come up as you make edits to your plan. These tips are here to guide you to score better on the 5 Plan Score metrics. Hover over a tip to see what outcome or objective it's talking about.

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