Sort, filter, and search OKRs and initiatives across your entire workspace

If you manage several teams or are in a leadership position, there's a lot of work that you oversee. Using the Filters view allows you to filter everything in your workspace by different criterias to allow you to have a quick way of filtering through all the work to find exactly what you need to focus on.

Filter Views

The filters view can be found in the left side navigation of the app. Once you're in the Filters, there are three tabs you can navigate between*:

  • Objectives view

  • Outcomes (or Key Results) view

  • Initiatives view

These terms may vary depending on your settings. See Customise terms

How to use filters

In each of the different views, you'll be able to filter your items in three main ways:

  1. Filter via the filtering options

  2. Filter by confidence or Net Confidence Score

  3. Filter by segments

Filtering via the filter options

There are several different classifications you can use to filter items on each of the three filter views. To use these filter classifications:

  1. At the top of each of your filter views, you'll see an outlined blue button labeled, Filter + (See image above).

  2. This will bring up a dropdown with many filter classifications you can use, such as: confidence, owners, plan name, team, etc. Select one.

  3. You'll now see a new dropdown option appear to the right of the Filter + button. Click it, and make your selections to filter the items below.

  4. Add more classifications if you'd like to filter the results even more, or if you'd like to see all items again, click the blue reset all link at the top of your screen.

Filtering by confidence

Now you can use the method above to filter your outcomes by confidence. However, there is a faster way to access the same filter.

  1. Just below the Filter + button and the filter options, find 5 boxes labeled: Pending, On Track, At Risk, Off Track, and Not Measurable.

  2. Simply click on one to filter by that level of confidence.

  3. To see all of your results again click the blue reset all link at the top of your screen.

Filter by segments

Lastly, you'll see a whole list of classifications in a separate panel to the left labeled segements. Here you can filter by existing classifications or even save new ones so that you can access a filter again in the future.

Tability comes with many default segments already saved for easy access. To filter by any of the default segments, simply click on the segment you'd like to see.

Saving new segments

Sometimes you'll find a filter that's really useful and you like to come back to from time to time. Using segments, you can come back that set of items you've filtered by saving that segment.

To save your segement:

  1. Using the filter options, select classifications and criteria for your filter.

  2. Once you have all your options set, click the Save Segment link in the upper right hand corner.

  3. A pop up will appear, prompting you to give your new segment a name. Enter a name and click the Save button.

  4. You should now see your new saved segment at the very top of the segments panel on the left side. You can click here any time to return to bring back these same filter options.

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