Configure OpenAI access


Integration with OpenAI allows you to use AI generation in various ways throughout the Tability App.

Some examples:

  • Generate Objectives and Outcomes using the Goal Setting AI

  • Generate Initiatives based on the Outcome it's associated

  • Generate an analysis of your progress on an Outcome using the Coaching AI

  • Automatically adjust targets of your outcomes/key results using the AI metric detection


Tability uses OpenAI API to generate the analysis of your goals. We have carefully selected OpenAI for specific security reasons to make sure that your data is protected.

  • The data sent to OpenAI is not used to train their model.

  • The data sent to OpenAI is deleted after 30 days.

  • Their model is one of the most advanced, and can produce in depth analysis of progress.

Please refer to OpenAI's API Data usage policy for more information.

Data that is shared with OpenAI:

  • Outcome title

  • Starting date and finish date

  • Starting value and target

  • For each check-in we share the date of the check-in and the corresponding value

Data that is not shared with OpenAI:

  • Description of the outcome

  • Content of the check-in

  • Confidence assessment by the team

Managing your OpenAI integration

Tability's OpenAI integration is active by default when you create your workspace. However, you can turn off this integration at any time by going to your Integration settings in app.

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Integrations

  2. Find the OpenAI integration and click on Manage integration link.

  3. Click the options to enable or disable the OpenAI integration.

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