Cascading Map

Using relationships to Cascade and Align your Outcomes


You can align your plans using the Strategy Map, but you can take your cascading one step further by creating direct relationships between your outcomes/key results. Once connected, you can see a cascading view of your goals by going to a plan and accessing the Cascading Map view for that plan.

Available on Premium subscription

How the Cascading Map works

The Cascading Map will show you all outcome relationship starting at the plan you are currently on. It shows you all the outcomes in the current plan, as well as all the dependants that an outcome will have in underlying sub-plans.

The Cascade Map automatically loads 2 levels of dependancies by default, but you can further expand any Outcome that has dependencies. However, Parents do not load in so if you wish to see how Outcome cascade across the entire org, go to your most top level plan to start.

Setting up relationships to see in your cascade

  1. Click on a specific Outcome that you want to connect to a parent or dependency

  2. In the right side of the KR panel, click on Add relationship

  3. You will be prompted to select one of three options: Add parent, Add relationship, or Add dependent

  4. Select Add parent or Add dependant.

  5. Repeat that operation with all the Outcomes that need to be connected. Each team can do this quickly for the Outcomes they own.

  6. Once you're done, go to the top-level plan, and click on the Map tab to load the Cascading Map.

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