Tability Quick Start Guide

Get up and running quickly in a few simple steps

Tability is a simple and effective way of tracking your team's quarterly goals. We've created a simple 4 step guide to getting up and running with Tability.

Step 1: Write your goals

Goals in Tability (whether you use OKRs or other goal setting methodologies) are simple to get set up. All goals live in what we call Plans, which can be set up for each team, each quarter. Create a plan, add your goals, assign owners, and publish to get started.

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Step 2: Invite your team

Add team members who will be responsible for updating their key results. Assign them as owners to ensure the right people are keeping your goals up to date.

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Step 3: Set up automation and integrations

Advanced Tability users let the product do the work for them. Connect Tability to the tools your team is already working in and automatically update your metrics, letting them focus on strategy instead of data entry.

Some features are only available for Plus and Premium subscriptions

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Step 4: Track your goals

Check-ins are the way that you and your team will keep your key results up to date in Tability. By answering three simple questions, you'll be able to track progress, uncover issues, ask for assistance, and celebrate victories.

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