Data sources

Save time by pulling data from your tools


A simple way to save time during the check-ins process is to use our integrations to automatically pull data from your tools.

How to add a data source to your outcome/check-in

Available on Plus and Premium subscriptions

Tability has multiple data connectors that lets you pull data from tools like HubSpot, Google Sheet, Jira...

Follow these steps to connect an outcome/key result to a data source:

  1. Click on your outcome/key result

  2. Click on the ⋯ menu and then Edit to access the edit panel

  3. Go to the Data Source tab to configure your data source

From there, you will be able to select an option from the list of data sources available.

Special data sources

The link data source will let you add a URL to the page where the relevant data is. This link will appear in the check-ins form, making it easy for the user to access the data.

Dependent outcomes/key results

The dependent data source will aggregate the values of the outcomes/key results that are direct dependencies.

How data source data is used

In the check-ins form

Once a data source is connected, Tability will automatically pull the current value and display it in your check-in form.

With auto-sync

Only for Premium subscriptions

Once auto-sync is enabled, Tability will automatically pull data from the data source every 48h. Synced data points will appear in smaller dots on the chart.

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