Running a weekly routine

Habit is a powerful tool when it comes to goal tracking. A strong weekly routine helps build habits and keeps your goals at the top of your team’s minds. Tability is built around habit– your team will get regular reminders about their goal. But this is just the beginning of your goal process. We’ve created a template for running a solid weekly goal routine.


Your team completes their check-ins. They enter in changes in metrics, how confident they are about their ability to hit their goals, and leave a comment with context for their rating– what’s going well, what hurdles or blockers are they facing, and what resources do they need in order to succeed.

All goals must be updated by EoD. Outcome owners who know ahead of time that they won’t be available on Monday should fill their check-ins out on Friday. For unexpected absences, whenever possible, another team member or a manager with context on the goal should do the check-in.


Your team spends time reading each other’s updates and leaving comments on them. This shortens the time spent in a live meeting catching up on the progress others have made. This also gives time to offer help, ask questions about the direction a goal is going in, and to celebrate wins.

After the team has had time to read the check-ins, discuss them as a team. What common themes came up when reading check-ins? Are there any overlaps in issues or opportunities to collaborate further. Is there anything that would benefit from a broader discussion?

Managers in this meeting can drive the discussion, focusing especially on goals that need extra attention (goals with low confidence or low attainment, for instance).

After the meeting, team members should prioritize their work for the rest of the week to ensure they’re using what was discussed to hit their goals.

Wednesday through Friday

Team members track their progress on their goals. Mark tasks that have been completed or add initiatives to their goals as they get new ideas. This is the time for the work towards goals to be done.


Outcome owners should spend 15 minutes reviewing their outcome and the initiatives for those outcomes. Was anything missed or forgotten? Was more progress made than was added to Tability? A quick refresh can make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Maintaining a weekly routine gets easier with time and reinforces the idea that your goals are critical to your team’s success.

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