Setup guide

Tability's public API requires 2 thing:

  • A workspace with a Premium subscription

  • A workspace user with API access enabled

  • A Personal API token

Premium Subscription

You can upgrade your subscription from the billing section of your workspace.

  1. Go to Workspace settings > Subscription

  2. Click on Manage your subscription

  3. Upgrade to the Premium subscription

API access enabled

By default, API access is turned off for every user in a workspace. You will need to enable it to allow specific user accounts to use the public API for your workspace.

  1. Go to Workspace settings > Users

  2. Find the user that needs API access enabled

  3. Click on their name

  4. Set API access enabled to Yes

Personal API token

The last thing that you'll need is your Personal API token.

  1. Go to

  2. Copy your Personal API token

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